fall eatin’ {& a recipe}

3 Sep

i love fall.  it’s no secret.  and with this weekend being the unofficial end of summer, i am craving fall.

i am looking forward to crisp, cool mornings.  i am looking forward to having the windows open at night & it being just cool enough to pull the covers up a little bit more.  i am looking forward to walking along the fox river with dan & the kids, as well as the arboretum, with all the beautiful trees changing colors.  i am looking forward to the fall festivals in & around the city.  i’m looking forward to wearing my favorite sweatshirt & jeans.  i’m looking forward to the warmth from a sip of red wine.  i am looking forward to lazy sunday’s watching football, dan more than me.  i am looking forward to honeycrisp apples (my favorite!!).  and i am looking forward to stews, soups & chili’s.  all are things that just don’t happen or happen as often during the warm, sweltering summer months.

many of the people i follow on pinterest have been pinning some awesome recipes for fall.  i love seeing my dash filled with new, mouth watering recipes.

i recently saw a pin for baked potato soup.  i pinned it, i had to.  what’s not to like?  potatoes, cheese, bacon, scallions.  all fantastically delicious.

c’mon, you know that looks delicious.

with cooler weather in our very near future (monday!), i am thinking of making this.

the original recipe comes from foodies at home and it’s so super simple.  because it’s a pretty cut & dry recipe and since ben likes to help in the kitchen this will be great for us to work together on his math skills.  it will be fun, educational & delicious all rolled into one wonderful, relaxed afternoon!

we have a family dinner monday, so i won’t be making this soup then but you can bet it will happen very soon!  

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