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warp speed

7 Nov

lately it seems like everything is moving at warp speed.

i blink my eyes & another day, week, or month has gone by.

there are days & moments when i just want time to slow down.  i want to soak in every single thing that i can.

it’s not always kid related moments that i want to soak in.  there are moments between dan & i when i just want to time to stop.

i am thankful that between my camera, the camera on my phone & even this blog that i can remember & document our everyday.  our moments.

the moments i currently want etched in my brain forever are:

- watching ben cross the street every single morning with the crossing guard.  instead of waiting in the drop off/pick up line, we pull onto a side street and he walks over to the crossing guard.  she fills him on her life and he fills her on his.  it’s adorable.  she tells me every afternoon when i see her to pick him up.

- watching ben & emilia hold hands while we walk through the store.  most recently was when we were at costco yesterday morning.  of course, i can never get to my phone in time to take this picture but it’s just pure magical awesome.

- seeing emilia’s little face when she thinks she surprises me when she climbs out her crib every afternoon.  she doesn’t realize i can hear her climbing out but, if i am upstairs, seeing her slyly come out of her room & then run over to me with a huge smile on her face is just adorable.  or if i am downstairs she tries to quietly {we have a few creaky stairs so it’s hard to do it quietly} come down the stairs & comes into the family room with a grin that extends from ear to ear.

- seeing ben’s face every afternoon when he walks out of school.  he is so darn tired but for one second every afternoon his eyes light up when he sees me.

- sitting at dinner with dan, on our anniversary, knowing & being completely happy & content with him that we did not have to say a word.

- listening to emilia sing along with all the kids songs on the kids {song} station we created on pandora.  we listen to them a lot & it’s so much more fun to watch her sing & dance then watch her sit on the couch & watch cartoons.

- continuously laughing with dan & the kids the entire ride over to his parent’s house yesterday afternoon.  so many little jokes and silly happenings {dan & ben decided to wave to a car full of girls next to us.  ben thought it was hilarious; he was laughing uncontrollably.  these girls got such a kick out of it & waved back.  it was great.}

- knowing i have about two more weeks until emilia turns 3.  until she turns 3, i will consider her a baby {even if she tells me, daily, she is a big girl, not a baby}.  i have no idea how these last 3 years have flown by so quickly but i can vividly remember planning these last two weeks before her delivery & now i am working hard to plan her 3rd birthday party.

these are only a few things that in the forefront of my brain.  i could easily say how there is never enough time in the day to fold those extra two loads of laundry or how i didn’t get to picking up the toys tonight but none of that matters.  there will always be laundry.  there will always be some sort of toy.  those things won’t create lasting memories.  seeing my son walk into school or hearing my daughter sing her favorite kids songs will.


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