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a collection of mugs

8 Nov

i’ve said it before, but we enjoy coffee in our house.  all 4 of us.

furthermore, our entire family enjoys coffee.  not a family function, get together or meal goes by without coffee being involved.  it’s not uncommon for us to head over to my mom’s or dan’s parents & we make a call and say that we are picking coffee up & offer to pick it up for everyone else or throw on a fresh pot.  it’s not uncommon for my mom to come over on a saturday or sunday morning & she asks us to make a pot of decaf for her {she can’t do regular}.  every family meal that happens over at dan’s parents always ends with coffee.

it’s easy to say coffee is a family member.

i am not one to really collect anything; however, i want an eclectic array of coffee mugs.  sure we have a standard set of mugs {cream colored} but i want a variety.  i want it that anytime someone comes to our house no two people have the same cup.

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i’ve used this picture before.  but i’m using it again.  i could just stare at this picture all day.  and like a lot of people, i love fiesta ware.  

image via my pinterest page.

Chevron Dreams black and white Coffee mugs

i love chevron, so it should come as no surprise i would want this chevron mug.  it also comes in other colors like red & yellow.  

image via special occasions on zazzle

Coffee Mugs for the Grooviest Kitchen

i love these vintage mugs found on etsy.  they would brighten up any morning as well as my kitchen.  to me, these scream family & sunday morning coffee

image via 3rdgenerationgypsy on etsy

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these monogrammed letter mugs from anthro are great.  a little too danity for the men but perfect for the ladies and an afternoon cup of decaf or a cup of tea.  and at just $8.00 these are a great, affordable anthro item.

image via anthropologie

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image via in this very room

this is just a glimpse of mugs that i would like to add to our collection.  i am thankful for places like ebay, etsy & pinterest to help me find & offer a great mix of mugs to add to our collection {& at great prices!}.


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