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one week

10 Nov

in one week, and as i type this, almost to the minute, emilia will turn 3.

i cannot wrap my head around the fact that she is going to be 3.  i remember the moment she was placed into my arms like it was yesterday.

sometimes i wish she was still a cuddly little baby.  she was a great baby.

but really, i love this age.  she is so fun.  emilia has this sassy, adventurous, independent, curious, silly personality.  benjamin has met his match with his sister.  she doesn’t take any crap from him.

she is a homebody & has no problem asking to go home where ever we may be.

everyday i call her my baby & everyday she insistently reminds me that she is not a baby but a big girl.

she laughs in the face of potty training.  if it were up to her, she’d be in diapers forever.  dan and i?  well we’re over diapers.  come her birthday, we’re diving in full force.  diapers will be gone!  i say that now but find me in two weeks, i may be singing a different tune.  what’s that?  i’m a pushover when it comes to my girl & her defiance against using the potty?  well…you’d be right!

to me, the age of 3, can be an in-between age – not a baby, a little bit of toddler left, but not too much yet not a big girl but still a big girl.  make sense?

as much as i don’t want to be, i am ready for 3.  i am ready to see what 3 brings for the bear.

i won’t let 2 go without a fight…for the next week, i will reminisce about the days leading up to her birth (they are vivid in my mind), the memories we have created since she was born, browse through thousands of pictures, and finally, put the finish touches together on her birthday & her party.


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