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celebrating my girl

21 Nov

over the weekend, surrounded by family & friends we celebrated emilia’s birthday.

it was a rainbow themed party.  it was a blast.  all the hours spent preparing were well worth it.  we had more food & drink than necessary but no one can say they left hungry or thirsty.  there were pops of colors & rainbows throughout the house.  thanks to pinterest, i was able to put together a {soda}pop {it pains me to say soda, i’m from chicago and it’s pop} bar completely with paper-striped straws, we had a veggie pizza {recipe to follow in a few days as it is the easiest thing ever to make!} with the most colorful veggies i could find, as well as rainbow streamers & colorful balloon throughout the entire house.  the nitty gritty: from the food to the decor no detail was left untouched with color.

the noise level in the house was beyond anything i imagined and it was wonderful.  throughout our entire house the sounds of laughter, squeals, kids playing, and adults talking could be heard.  the energy in our home was electric.  the kids alone {9 of them} provided so much energy.  it is safe to say that every single kid slept very well on saturday night!

emilia was the perfect birthday girl & party hostess.  she was dolled up in a {simple} purple long-sleeved top, a silver sparkle skirt, and black tights with white polka dots.  true vibrant & sometimes eclectic emilia style.

we set up a little photobooth in the living room.  initially, not everyone knew what to make of it but as the party went on and our guests got more comfortable it became a huge hit, especially for our sugar high, wild & crazy kids!  as i mentioned in an earlier post, this photobooth will be making an appearance at future parties.  it was so awesome.

emilia received some wonderful gifts.  every gift she opened was as exciting as the first.  we have enough play food in our house to go along with em’s new kitchen!  we have more {disney} princess stuff than i thought possible.

as the night drew to a close, each kid received a goodie bag filled with all things colorful.  a lot of great thought went into what should go in them.  in the end each bag at the following items: crazy straws (each received a different color), homemade {heart} crayons {thanks to chelsea over the paper mama for featuring this craft today – i was all set to feature this same craft later in the week; however, let’s be honest, when prepping for it, i obviously forgot a lot of steps.  thank you to all of you diy-er/step-by-step bloggers.  i pink puffy heart you.  seriously though this is the easiest project ever.  i am on the search for some fun holiday themed silicone sheets to use for benjamin’s holiday party at school}, a rainbow lollipop, a star shaped wand, star sunglasses (just like the ones pictured above), a japanese yo-yo, colorful harmonica’s, rainbow glowsticks (found at party city for $0.50 each!) and then each guest was able to pull as many dum-dum lollipops they wanted from our lollipop tree {thanks to jill over at meet the dubiens for this great idea.  the only difference in my tree is that our planter was spray painted red}.  each of those balloons metioned above were also suppose to be ready for each kid to take home; however, they were strewn about the house by the end of the night that i completely forgot.

emilia {& benjamin} woke up happy on sunday.  during breakfast we also reminisced about the night before & smiled about all the fun.  with so many new toys to play with it was easy to keep the peace.

i’ve planned & thrown a lot of parties at our house.  this party was by far my biggest (people-wise & preparation-wise) but it was, hands-down, the best one we’ve had.  i am so very thankful for my mom as well as dan’s mom for their help.  they both helped contribute to the party with party prep and/or food.

dan, benjamin, emilia & i are so very thankful for all of our family & friends who came out & helped celebrate our girl turning 3.  without all of these wonderful people in our lives this party wouldn’t have been as awesome, rad & successful as it was!

short & quick

21 Nov

it’s been a little quiet around here lately.  we’ve been so busy.  everything has been moving at wrap speed but we are having so much fun!  everytime i’ve sat down to write a post or post a picture, something else comes up or i get completely side tracked.  we have so much to share.  so much fun to show & so many great stories to tell!  i hope to have some time later today/tonight to share some great stories (Ben!), awesome pictures (kids & their friends!), how much i love having a 3 year old & all her girly ways (Emilia!) and all that has been going on!

for now, here is a picture of ben from our party this weekend.

we had our own make-shift photobooth at emilia’s party this weekend.  it was so fun.  all the kids loved it!  it is safe to say that a photobooth will be at all of our future parties!  who doesn’t love to play dress up & act silly!?


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