Chicago: My Kind of Town

31 Jul

Why is it that during the summer when we should be the most relaxed & spending lazy days by the  pool we’re not.  Since the start of summer, we’ve had something going on.  This weekend has been the first weekend that can be entirely devoted to us as a family!

Mother nature finally gave us a break with the heat & humidity so today we spent the day in the city.  Chicago is a great city but Chicago in the summertime is unbelievable.  On any given weekend there are fairs & festivals (city & suburbs) as will as an infinite number of farmer’s markets.

Today we hit up two markets.  First we drove to the Chicago French Market.  Its located in the loop in the Metra Station.  It wasn’t very crowded as its more of a weekday hot spot than the weekend but well worth it.  Lots of fresh produce, cheeses, meats, breads, & pastries.  Since it’s in the Metra Station & Ben loves trains we took a break & went to see the all the trains.  We’ve been to the city quite a few times with Ben but we’ve never taken him to one of the large Metra concourses.  He was quite taken back by all the tracks.  In fact, I would say he was scared.  It was better that he saw the large concourse on a Saturday, a less busy day than during a weekday, especially during the morning & evening commutes.  Once he got past the scariness, he genuinely loved it.  He  kept asking to go back.

After the French Market & the Metra Station, we headed up to Lincoln Park to the City Green Market.  Unfortunately, we got there just before closing time so we didn’t get to walk around & check out all the vendors.  We will definitely be heading back.  There were so many vendors & so many wonderful products.  The flowers alone were enough to go back!

After the City Green Market, we just walked around Lincoln Park for awhile.  The kids snacked & sat in their strollers (Ben would have much preferred to walk but the splint kept him from doing that).

Afterwards we headed over to the MASSIVE Whole Foods off of North Ave. & had some lunch.

It was truly a perfect [family] day.  By the time we got home earlier this evening the kids were tired out & ready for bed.

2 Responses to “Chicago: My Kind of Town”

  1. kate August 1, 2010 at 12:18 am #

    Wait wait… you mean Em was snacking! That NEVER happens! :)

  2. Krissy @ ArtsyMom August 1, 2010 at 4:01 pm #

    Looks like you had fun!! I’ve never been to Chicago, but a huge whole foods makes me happy! LOL I wanna go!

    Following you (late) from Friendly Friday! Hope you can stop by and follow us as well!

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