10 Aug

this evening ben had an eye exam.  it is required to enter into kindergarten.

i didn’t think anything of it.  i figured we’d be in, get the exam and be out.


we were the for freakin’ ever.  if you follow me on twitter, then you saw my complaining.  the doctor was overbooked & understaffed.  we waited and waited and waited.  the kids were bored, hungry & wanting to place with all the gadgets that are in an optometrists office.

but, i suppose, that is really neither here nor there…

during the exam, the doctor asked ben & myself a few questions – blurry vision, headaches, squinting…we both answered no to all.

the doctor seemed {kind of} surprised.

turns out my benjamin has an astigmastism in both eyes.

he needs corrective lens AND has to wear them all the time.

this did not settle well with ben.  the poor assistant to the doctor who listened to ben wail on & on about not wanting glasses.  finally, after a few minutes, there was calm & he really got into trying all the different kid-sized glasses.

after i sold my soul to the doctor, we got a pair of glasses that look like the ones above.  we will have them in 7-10 days and then comes the challenge of getting him to remember to put them on everyday as well as to not forget them, sit on them, let anyone else try them on, etc.

so between the going to school apprehension & now wearing glasses, it’s safe to say dan and i have our work cut out for us over the next few weeks.

AND he looks damn good in glasses

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