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smile friday // a million little pieces

26 Aug

this girl knows just how to make my heart burst into a million little pieces.  we were sitting on the couch, relaxing & reading our latest issue of bhg when she stops & tells me i am her best friend.  i was speechless.  there were probably tears in my eyes.  i am her best friend.  i did what any elated person would do, i kissed her & said she was my best friend too!  we’re totally a great duo.  

you can find me the rest of the day & weekend hanging out with my best friend.


speaking of emilia, she believes that this song is 100% to her.  we have the studio version & she asks for it constantly.  it’s all we listened to in the car yesterday on our way home from trader joes.

Amelia by Erik Hassle


it’s going to be a laid back weekend.  benjamin has had a great week & is loving every moment of being in school.  to say he is exhausted would be an understatement.  we will be hanging out, running miscellaneous errands, and napping.  sounds like the best weekend ever.

have a great weekend!

smile!  it’s friday!!


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