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i’m taunting the kiddo gods

29 Aug

preface: i am probably going to jinx the heck out myself by writing this.

::whispered voice & gritted teeth:: we have not really had a problem with the terrible two’s with emilia.

there i said it.

it’s true.

we’ve had our moments, of course.  tantrums & fits?  yes.  are they common?  ::whispers:: no.

have we been in the store, checking out, and emilia is screaming at the top of her lungs to get out the cart/stroller because she wants to run away?  omg, yes.

but she’s easy.  too easy.

she is as happy as a clam being home.  we go on vacation she asks when we are going home.  we get stuck inside the house for a few days because of a blizzard?  no big deal for emilia, she will just stay in her jammies, watch strawberry shortcake, bubble guppies or mickey mouse & play with her toys.

now that benjamin is in school the noise level in the house has dropped a lot.  i am able to clean, shower, pay bills, surf around the web without a peep out of the girl.  she only looks for me when 1.  she needs more apple juice.  2.  when she’s hungry.  3.  when she needs help transporting all her princesses & {play} food from one room to another.  when nap time rolls around, she happily lets me change her diaper (emilia laughs in the direction of potty training but that is another post in & of itself), and put her bed.  i don’t hear from her until i  have to wake her up to go pick ben up from school.  easy peasy.

i’m not sure what we did or didn’t do but i am not complaining.

do i think my days are numbered?   i hope not.

since i more than likely jinxed myself, i’m off to wake my girl, grab a few princesses & we’re off to pick someone else up from school!


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