a little bit of this, a little bit of that

22 Sep

i have a thousand and one thoughts running through my brain…

i need to get it all out…

bullet point style…

– emilia fell this morning after we dropped ben off at school.  she was running & face planted.  she is ok.  a few scrapes & bruises and a little shaken.  we are spending our morning cuddling & watching mickey mouse clubhouse & some princess movies.

– in keeping with emilia…she climbs out of her crib.  she has been doing it about a month now.  she’s been able to climb into her crib since sometime this summer.  now that she can get both in & out, i know, i know, we should probably, most definitely think about converting her crib.  but really?  i am in no hurry.  she loves that crib with every fiber of her being.  her dolls & blankies are all set up according to her liking and ben stays out.  it’s her space.  sure she’ll be 3 in less than two months (hold me) but if the shoe fits…

– half of my little kitchen is a mess.  we live in a townhouse and our kitchen isn’t very large; however, it tends to collect all of our miscellaneous crap – mail, magazines, bills, paperwork from school, etc.  i try oh so very hard to not just throw the papers on the counters but sometimes it just happens.  so today, my goal is to just sort through & get rid of all that is garbage (read: 95% of it is garbage).  i love when my kitchen is cleaned & organized.  it looks so beautiful.

– every morning, emilia & i take ben to school.  at the beginning of the school year, we would park down the block & walk him over, then we went through the drop off line & he would hop out, now we are parking, again, and walking him.  i love walking him every single morning.  we hold hands and talk about how he is going to have a fun day.  we hug & kiss good-bye as he walks in with his friends.  my heart is filled with so much joy when we do this.  i know my days are limited of being able to hold his hand & hug & kiss him in public.

– in walking ben into school every morning, i have formed & made relationships with faculty and parents i would not have had i simply dropped him off in the drop off/pick up line.  since ben has started school a whole new world of people & friendships have come forward.  these are people & families that we will quite possibly be seeing & spending the next 15 or so years with.  we have even formed a relationship with one of our local police officers because he is out by the school a few mornings a week.  i have truly started to feel & appreciate the feeling of community within my town.  its makes our medium sized town feeler smaller, quaint & more comfortable than before.

– speaking of my town, it was voted by money magazine as one of the top 50 most liveable towns to live in.  article here

– i have started a separate post about this but last week i applied to become a panelist for the walt disney world moms panel.  i applied last year and again this year.  the moms panel is a wonderful forum/message board to use as an aid when planning a vacation to walt disney world.  i have used it numerous times to find out information about our trips.  i just recently used it, when planning our dining reservations for our january 2012 trip, to see which restaurants, if any, served organic foods, more specifically produce.  i won’t find out until early to mid november if i make it to the next round.  there are three rounds total.  it would be nothing less than an honor to apart of this panel.  i truly enjoy planning our disney trips and have helped friends plan theirs.  to have the opportunity to share my knowledge, opinions & enthusiasm would be nothing short of awesome.

– i am in the mood to paint my house.  some walls/rooms need to be touched up while others need a new, fresh coat of paint altogether.  our stairways are in the most need.  there are lots of little finger prints on the walls…

– i am starting to think about re-doing the kids room.  the prints that are on the wall were great…when they were babies.  however, they are no longer babies.  time to re-do.  i have my eye on a few prints on etsy.  my goal is to sift through the prints i saved as favorites and get them ordered early next week.  i also have a few family prints that i want to hang in the room.

– benjamin is all star of the week at school.  it started on monday.  he is the first student in his class to get it.  we are so very proud of him.  he had to fill out some papers with words & pictures about himself.  everyday he gets to tell his teacher & his class something about himself.  he also gets to helps his teacher out with classroom things (passing out papers).  he is loving this honor.

– ben had class pictures this week.  i am anxious to see them.

– finally, i am loving the fall weather that has been around these last few days.  crisp mornings, comfortable afternoons, & cool nights.  we are settling in with comfy outfits (think yoga pants & hoodies), warm blankets at night, hot coffee & tea, and comfort food (pinterest is only upping the ante here b/c there are so many new recipes i want to try!).  i would be content with this type of weather year round.

i am obviously all over the place and have a lot to say.  it was easier to just get these out…my brain feels less full.  now i’m off to clean the kitchen…

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