smile friday // first day of fall & finally friday

23 Sep

this picture just captures everything about autumn.  it’s the first day of fall and this picture couldn’t be more appropriate.  i’m thinking i need to stop later and get a nice warm chai from starbucks.

this is by far my favorite time of year.  the weather has been beautiful this entire week & i would love for it to stay around for awhile so we actually get to enjoy this season.  it is always questionable in chicago if we get a spring or a fall as sometimes we head immediately into winter or head from winter right into summer.

this time of year makes me want to curl up under a blanket with a good book or magazine, a cup of coffee or a glass of red wine.  Light fall scented candles, host dinner parties with family & friends with amazingly delicious {& healthy} comfort foods, wear hoodies, go apple picking & visit the pumpkin farm.  and for the most part is happening in our lives or starting to happen!  yay fall!


i am happy it’s friday.  really happy.

it’s been a decent week – harder for some than others and really it is just time for the weekend.  we need to rest.  we need naps.  good god do we need naps.

we have stuff going on this weekend but we made sure that it all happened before or after naps.

ben earned his 10th sticker last night.  he gets to go to the arcade with dan on saturday morning.  for ben to earn his 10 stickers he had to go above & beyond – cleaning up {more than just his toys}, being helpful around the house, being the best ben he can be and getting good reports from school.  these are just to name a few.  tonight, his 10th sticker came because he read.  he read sentence in his library book.  my heart practically jumped out of my chest.  i wouldn’t be surprised if he has the sentence memorized but to me he freakin’ read a sentence!  he has been learning reading skills at school.  i am super psyched.  i love reading, i hope he grows to enjoy it as much as i do!

emilia is also on a sticker track.  she only needs one more sticker.  when she gets her last sticker she gets a new princess.  she gets stickers for using the potty.  this one is a stickler with potty training.  i know i mentioned here that we were doing it but i think putting it out in the world back fired on me.  but, not to be sidelined, we are still trying & working on it.  we will get there.  one day.  one freakin’ day.  

friday’s are always questionable by the time after school rolls around.  it’s been a long week for benjamin & he is usually tired.  he has been falling asleep every day this week during afternoon rest time.

after school, the kids & i are headed down to my mom’s for dinner & to hang out.  we made these delicious chocolate chunk muffins yesterday afternoon & they need to be shared otherwise it is safe to say we might eat them all in one sitting.  that would not be good…my already unmotivated running, as of late, would be much harder than i need or want it to be.  i am hoping that ben takes a little snooze on the way down to my mom’s.

we have a dinner, with the kids, on saturday night with friends.  all of our kids are the same age.  it will be a great night.  rain is forecasted but i am hoping it doesn’t happen because we are planning on having a bonfire complete with s’mores!

sunday more friends are coming to our house.  the boys will be watching the bears vs. packer’s game.  i am going to have the kids outside for some sidewalk paint and playing.  we think we are going to whip up a batch of chili, complete with all the fixins’ and enjoy the day, game & weather.

my main goal of this weekend is for all of us to full relax & forget about all the bad stuff from the week & just be…just be happy, just be relaxed, just be us, just be a family.  just be.

what are your plans for the weekend?  happy friday!  happy first day of fall!

smile!  it’s friday!!

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