it is amazing what 30 minutes can do

24 Sep

yesterday afternoon, emilia & i picked up ben from school and started making our way to down to my mom’s.  on the way we needed to stop at trader joe’s.  my love of trader joe’s has no bounds.  i can easily find a reason to head over.  first and foremost their food is healthly, natural and/or organic, and, most of all, affordable.  but i digress…  by the time we finished at tj’s we had time to spare before her train pulled in from the city.  we were going to run to my mom’s & unload our groceries & then head to the train station.  but on our way through town, we passed by a local park.  .

i pulled over, parked & said we had 30 minutes to have the most fun possible.

the park has been in clarendon hills forever.  i’ve seen it a million times but to my two it was the best, newest park they’ve ever seen.

sure, to the average person, it looks like a normal park.  and it is.  but to ben & emilia it was the bee knees.  there is more the park that is not pictured – swings, a merry-go-round, a rock wall, a kiddie slide area, more monkey bars, etc.  i don’t think we left a pole untouched or a slide not used before we left.

emilia loved the swings.  normally, the swings are too high up for her to on by herself.  these swings were low enough to the ground that all she needed from me was one good push or two.

ben conquered the rock wall with such ease that i blinked & he was up.  i was quite proud of him, he figured his footing quickly & never looked back once he got going.  he spooked himself when he couldn’t quite figure out how to climb down.

i let the kids know when we had 5 minutes left.  they each made a mad dash in different directions to get one or two last fills of their favorite slide, swing or tunnel.

when we got to the car they were giddy & exhausted.  ben has now deemed the park, his special surprise park.  when the train pulled into the station, both kids were gabbing a mile a minute to my mom telling her about the park.

it’s amazing how 30 {small} minutes can make or break a day.  in our case, the day was made.  this little adventure made me realize that it’s not about the quantity of time spent somewhere but quality.

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