about a boy

6 Oct

i love the colors of this picture.  it perfectly captures the season & the day.

it is very rare for me to get a picture of benjamin these days.  many of the pictures i do have of him are either the back of his head, blurry, not smiling or just plain ole’ unusable.

he’s at that age where stopping to pose, even if for a fraction of a second, is too much.  if he does stop, he would much rather make a silly face or come as close as humanly possible to the camera lens.  not gonna lie, it’s annoying.  really annoying.  this child is going to look back on pictures that i have and think i never took pictures of him.  wrong.  they are there, they’re just ridiculous.

older benjamin, if are reading this, know that i tried my hardest to get you to look at me, smile, and/or cooperate.  you have the most perfect smile & i always want to capture it.  

in the picture above, though he is not looking, it captures the very curiosity of ben.  his mind is constantly churning & trying to figure out how things work.  he is busy trying to figure out how this old {farming} tractor works.  i also love this picture because it 1.  reminds of the scene in the oringinal footloose (the re-make that is being advertised?  no.  just no.) with ren (kevin bacon) when he is about to start the {tractor} chicken fight with chuck (are you singing “i need a hero?”  you totally should be, it’s the song that is played during the “fight.”)  and 2.  i could easily see benjamin as a farm boy.  he loves to help out own my in-laws property & i have no doubt, when he is a little older, that he will be out there with dan and his grandpa mowing the lawn & working on the garden.

i knew my days of him looking, posing & smiling were limited; however, i didn’t think it would end {abruptly} at 5.  i was hoping i’d get until 7 and even then i was maybe pushing my luck.

for now, i suppose i should consider myself lucky if i get one, maybe two, pictures.  yay.

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