smile friday

7 Oct

i have a push-pull type of relationship with the weekends.  don’t get me wrong, i love the weekends.  i love that dan is home & we are all actually able to be together at the same time; however, our weekends are really turning into a time of getting much needed rest.  but,but we are also molding & evolving into this life where we are forming & continuing relationships with new & old friends.  with these new friendships that are forming, some of them are people/families we may know for the rest of our lives because our kids are in school together.  do you see my push-pull?  ben needs the rest, he thrives by a schedule & gets it during the week that once the weekend comes and it’s a more relaxed atmosphere he falls apart.  i make it my goal to make sure he gets enough rest, gets somewhat of a schedule or we at least prep him for the day ahead and make sure he has a fun weekend.  all in the name of being a mom.


it’s friday.  yay.  it’s been a beautiful week.  a quick week.

ben would probably tell you it’s been an exhausting week.  yesterday, he was falling asleep about 5:30 pm though he would tell you he was just relaxing & watching chuggington.  ben, mom’s know better.  they always know better.  he was in bed, passed out by 7:30 pm.  kindergarten is wearing him out, he’s loving it but he is definitely tired.  he is ready for the weekend.

we’re all ready for the weekend.  we have a lot going on.  saturday we’re heading to a birthday party for friends.  i’ve been asked to be the official party photographer.  it’s suppose to be a beautiful day (80 degrees) and with all the beautiful colors outside from the trees, along with kids running around, and all the party festivities i am sure to get a lot great pictures.

sunday we are headed to the morton arboretum in the morning.  we’re meeting up with my mom.  i have no doubt that we will all be enjoying a hot cup of coffee as well as the morning.  i also would like to head into nearby st. charles for their annual scarecrow festival.  we went last year & loved it.  i would love to go again this year as would benjamin; however, i do realize it is sunday & there will be football games which means there will be fantasy teams to follow and the bears play on monday so really dan might be ok with going.

what are your plans for the weekend?

whatever your plans are having a great weekend!  smile!  it’s friday!!

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