indian summer

10 Oct

chicago doesn’t always get a full fall season.  sometimes our summers last weeks beyond summer’s official end.  but on the flip side, we’ve also skipped right into cold, almost winter like weather.  sometimes we’re lucky to get a good two weeks of fall.

this year?  and i really hope i’m not jinxing anything but writing this.  we getting a full fall season.  for the last 10{ish} days we’ve had mild but warm days.  little to no rainfall and clear blue skies.  it has been wonderful.  an indian summer.

it’s been wonderful that while the color of the leaves have changed, they are lingering on the trees, taking their time falling off to the ground.  the ones that have fallen are perfectly crisp & crunchy.  perfect for the kids to make piles with, jump in and stomp on.

to enjoy all the this season is offering we headed over to the morton arboretum on sunday morning.  we met up with my mom.  i figured we’d hang out for, at most, two hours but i was wrong…i believe we spent upwards of 4.5 hours there.  we walked the trails, ran through the open fields, walked & played in the children’s garden & marveled at the colors.

my mom hoped we would get some good pictures of the kids for a possible christmas card; but wouldn’t you know, ben & emilia weren’t into cooperating but moreso into running & playing.

ben had fun just being his spirited, 5 year old self.  he did what he wanted to do whether it be collecting leaves or running.  i am hoping that by next summer he will have mastered his bike without his training wheels & he and i will be able to ride our bikes around the arboretum on the weekend mornings when the roads are closed off to cars.

emilia enjoyed walking, running, jumping (her new favorite obsession.  she jumps all. the. time.  sometimes what she calls jumping is really stomping), exploring & collecting leaves.  if there was a hill, she was off running down it as fast as she could.  if there was a bench, she climbed up & jumped off.  this one has a real sense of adventure.  not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing for dan & i.

by the time we left the arboretum, in the early afternoon hours, both kids were tired.  we stopped off for lunch at dmk burger bar (so, so, so incredibly happy they have one in the oak brook area/lombard area.  they have another location in the city & it’s delicious!  so happy they’ve spread their wings!  if you’re in chicago or the oak brook area, stop in.  all their burgers are grass-fed & delicious & they have an awesome selection of domestic ales).  it was questionable if emilia was going to be awake by the time we got there but she pulled through.

the rest of our afternoon was spent over at my mom’s with a visit to another park while dan watched some football & then a delicious family dinner.  both kids passed out within 10 minutes of our drive home later that evening and we had a quiet ride home.

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