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18 Oct

we are busy bee’s around here.  lots work for both dan & i, lots of social engagements for dan, ben & myself (em’s time will come) – quite a few parties & weddings coming up, and i’m busy putting together the final touches for ben’s kindergarten halloween party.  oh, also trying to keep up with the house and laundry.

here is what is going through my head…in pictures.  thank you pinterest!  

Pinned Image

crock pot buffalo chicken – it’s what we are having for dinner tomorrow.  i love my crock pot (or slow cooker as some of you may call it)

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pumpkin painting from meg, she posted about them yesterday.  you read meg’s blog, right?  go. do it.  i found a weekend activity for us this weekend!

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i love fiesta ware.  it’s so bright & colorful.  my mom has some (in original green), my grandparents had two colors (the tangerine orange & the original green).  i do not have any fiesta ware.  i want their “tom and jerry” mugs.  i’ve found a few pieces on ebay.  i also like their java mugs (pictured above, top shelf).  we have coffee mugs, but i want an eclectic collection of mugs with an array of styles & colors & fiesta fits the bill.  my favorite colors?  orange, red, green, & yellow.  

Pinned Image

i love this blanket.  we currently have a marta stewart blanket with this same fisherman’s knit pattern.  but this one pictured puts ours to shame.  it looks so warm & comfy.  i can tell you there would definitely be fights over that blanket in this house.  

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i would very much like to sit on this bench, with a cup of coffee and people watch (& get some great pictures of the people walking by)…all on a sunny afternoon.  

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emilia and i were at home goods earlier this afternoon & i saw a pair of these in black.  i almost bought them (emilia was all for them) but i am thinking i want a silver, multicolored or light pink pair.  must look out for some.  

Pinned Image

lollipop/dum-dum center piece.  i am thinking of doing one of these for emilia’s birthday party & all our guests can take some home before leaving.  cute, functional & delicious.

Pinned Image

walt disney world.  we leave in 103 days…not that i’m counting or anything.  we are all so excited for this trip.  it can’t come soon enough.

all so wonderful, delicious, simple & beautiful!

all images, except meg’s pumpkins, via pinterest.

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