smile friday // all about emilia

21 Oct

emilia.  my baby.  our boo-boo bear.   it is not uncommon to hear us just calling her boo-boo or bear.  she even tells people that is her name.   nicknames run deep around here.

in 26 days my girl will be 3.

she is a fiesty, sassy, spirited, funny, loud, protective and wonderful little girl.  she brightens my day.  my love for her runs deep.

her love for minnie mouse is obvious.  her love of princesses is adorable.  if you play princess with her she will give you a princess name for the day and then continue to call you that name for the rest of the day.

getting into emilia’s circle takes time.  even family isn’t allowed in from the get go.  i hate to be anyone that does her wrong because i have a feeling once you are out of her circle, you are out for good.  eek.

emilia loves and adores benjamin.  if he says jump, she says how high.  if he laughs, she laughs.  if should could crawl into his bed every night, not fidget around and sleep with him she would.  she asks for him all day while he is at school.  once he is home it all she can do to not sit on top of him, follow him or just generally be his little sister.  i love it.

she knows who to go to when she gets in trouble.  not me that’s for sure.  she will cry for dan even when she knows he’s not home.  she has him wrapped around her finger.  she knows it.  he knows it.  and he loves it.  

when she sings, my heart bursts into a million little pieces.  her favorite songs at the moment are: katy perry’s califnoria girls (we know all the words), amelia by erik hassle (she thinks he is singing to her), and jaglin by edward sharpe & the magnetic zero’s.

she has no desire to potty train.  we try and stop, try and stop.  it’s a round about process.  we will get there…eventually.

she has a few close little friends that she loves to pieces.  she asked early this week to go on vacation with two of them.  it was, by far, the cutest thing ever.

she loves to dance.  she will watch dancing with the stars and re-enact, or try to re-enact, their dances.  benjamin makes an excellent partner for this.

she tells you how it is, like it is.  we are working on this filter because as funny as it is, it is also not funny when she points out, let’s call them qualities, of people in the stores loudly.

her favorite foods are blueberry waffles, vanilla yogurt, and cookies.  she can spot a cookie a mile away.

she’s a little messy.  it is very obvious where em sits at our table.  it is obvious, in our house, where she has played for the day.  there is typically a path of destruction behind her.  we are now working on cleaning up this destruction.

and finally, for now, she completes our family so perfectly.


we have a busy weekend ahead of us.  a halloween party tonight for the kids.  benjamin has a halloween party tomorrow afternoon and dan & i have two weddings tomorrow afternoon/evening.  it was not an easy decision to decide which wedding we attend & which one we don’t.  in the end, we are going to the ceremony of one & the reception of the other.  one is for a childhood friend of dan’s and the other is for one of my sorority sisters.  regardless the decision has been made and it’s going to be a super fun evening!  lots of old memories relived and new ones created!

sunday is suppose to be a gloomy day.  thunderstorms so i’m hoping to relax and maybe do some pumpkin painting!

how about you?  what are your plans for the weekend?

smile!  it’s friday!!

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