halloween 2011

3 Nov

i am a few days late in posting this.  whoops!

these are what most of my pictures of benjamin look like from halloween (all 5 of them).  he is running, with his friends, from house to house.  

we had a busy halloween.  lots of fun, food, friends, &, of course, candy.

ben was dressed a captain hook, kind of.  i say kind of because he’s not really into the dressing up.  he had a hook with him at school but quickly lost interest in it and didn’t even bother wearing it trick or treating.  emilia was dressed a rapunzel or tangled as she calls her.

our day of fun started when benjamin’s school had their annual halloween parade.  all the grades parade around the outside of the school, for all the parents to see, and then through a door back into the school & through the hallways as the kids reach their class they sit outside and watch the rest of their classmates go by.

after the halloween parade was his class party.  i, along with another mom, are the room captains for his class.  we spent a lot of time planning a great party.  we had games, a craft & snacks.  the kids had a great afternoon.  i was thrilled to be apart of it.

after school, benjamin & i headed over to friend’s house for trick or treating.  dan and emilia met up with us.  the remainder of the afternoon was spent trick or treating.  emilia lost steam after about two and a half blocks while ben & his friends kept going and going and going.

once trick or treating was over all the kids & parents met back at the house we started at for a pizza party.

it was a great day & night.  we have more candy then i know what to do with (a lot of it will be going to work with dan when he goes back on monday) and the kids dump theirs out & review it every. single. day.

the type of halloween the kids will remember.  it was reminiscent of the halloween’s i had growing up – out all afternoon/evening and with friends and/or family and lots & lots of candy.  we are looking forward to many more in our future!

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