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11 Nov

a few things from our week

i made this yesterday for emilia’s birthday party.  it will be a centerpiece on one of the tables.  it was seriously the easiest little project.  i purchased a bag of 250 dum-dums from target & used all but 12 of them.  and i spray painted our terra cotta pot red as it fits more with our theme.

the lollipop tree is currently sitting onto of our refridgerator & the kids love it.  they keep asking for it to be taken down & put on the table but i know better.  all those lollipops will be taken out if i do!

image via jill dubien at meet the dubiens

next week benjamin’s school is hosting a family feast.  all the families are invited.  we are all required to bring a passing dish.  i haven’t decided what i am bringing yet; however, thanks to the marvel that is pinterest i don’t think i will have a hard time finding or making a decision

image via culture mob

Madame Alexander, Rainbow Brite Cloth Doll, Rainbow Brite Collection, Storyland Collection - 18"

the theme of emilia’s party is rainbow.   our house is going to decorated & filled with lots of color & rainbows.  it will be so fun & add a cheery feeling to cold, dreary november day.  because it’s a rainbow party & she loves all things rainbow, i thought it was only appropriate to get her a rainbow brite doll as one of her gifts.  i think (& hope) she will be very excited to get this doll.  i know i am, it brings back so many memories!

image via amazon

Pinned Image

we experienced our first snow flurries of the season yesterday.  none of it stuck.  while a lot of people are less than thrilled, i am excited.  i love the snow.  i love the feeling of comfort it brings.  i love when we start a fire, hang out as a family, relax, pop open a bottle of wine & watch the snow fall (yes, i’m just this corny).  

this year it seems like ben is a little bit more open about heading out & playing in the snow (really it’s because at school he will have no choice but to play in the snow as they continue to go outside for recess until the temps drop to a cool 10*).  i am hoping he will be 1000% open to going sledding.  he has no idea what he is missing!

image via via my pinterest


it’s friday.  it’s 11.11.11.  ben is off of school today.  we are having a very lazy morning.  everyone slept until almost 9:00 am.  this never happens.  a small miracle really.

not entirely sure what we are going to do today but i’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve.  it will all come down to how quickly i can get everyone moving & out the door!

it’s nice to have benjamin home for the day.  i do miss him during the week.  and it’s a much needed break for him.

last night the school pta hosted a roller skating party.  we went.  i had so much fun.  the same can not be said for benjamin.  emilia wanted to skate, we held off so she hung out around the outskirts of the rink playing arcade games.  it was ben’s first time roller skating.  he was not happy with me or the skating.  he kept getting mad/upset because he couldn’t catch his balance, fell a few times & kids were whizzing past him.  apparently, all of this was my fault.  ::sigh::

we made it through the night.  there were a few tears but i’d like to think everyone had fun.  i kept telling ben that part of learning to skate is falling & getting back up.  i would like to take him again, on a non-skate party night, and try to teach him.  we will see if he allows this happen.  he may be scarred for life.

i channeled my inner-seven year old and had fun.  it has literally been eons since i’ve been roller skating.  of course, growing up i thought i was too cool to skate.  now?  i am not too cool.  it was so fun.  and in all honesty, i didn’t even realize that roller skating rinks were still around!!!

the rest of our weekend should be good.  nothing planned.  i will be putting together & finalizing the menu for emilia’s birthday party.  i need to order/pick up a few more things for her party.  she is so excited.

i am hoping that the majority of our weekend stays relaxed; starting next weekend we, like everyone else, head into a very busy time.  lots of family things, parties, school functions, friends & really just lots of fun!

what are your weekend plan?

smile!  it’s friday!!

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