smile friday // enjoying our weekend

25 Nov

thanksgiving was good.  really good.  lots of great food.  it’s safe to say we ate entirely way too much food.  the leftovers were even better today!

we also spent the day with family.  it was nice.

on our way home last night, we drove by the stores & through parking lots to see all the people waiting in lines wrapped around buildings.  ben could believe all the people waiting to get in the stores, in the middle of the night.  it was just 10:00 pm when we drove by many.  one of the stores, that was already open had police, firemen & an ambulance there.  i found out later it was due to multiple fights breaking out as well as someone having a seizure.  those stories alone are why i stay away.  no deal is that great.

today has been even more relaxing than yesterday.  we have spent the day in our comfy clothes, lounging, watching movies & we started decorating the house.

i remember the holiday season when i was a kid so clearly.  they were so full of fun & excitement & anticipation.  it was seriously the best time of the year.  every night i would play with all the ornaments on my mom’s tree.  she had such a variety of angels and other characters; it was so perfect for playing.  the tree skirt always, always, always was an ice skating rink/village.

every year, ben & now emilia get more excited about christmas.  ben couldn’t  wait to get our tree out & up.  he helped dan bring out all the boxes of decorations.  once the tree was up, he took the reins and put all the ornaments up.  he did a great job.  our tree looks great.

i am hoping that as ben & emilia grow they remember their holiday seasons the way i remember mine.  i want them to always remember the excitement & warmth that comes during this time of year.  i want them to remember all the fun & laughter that was had.  i try my hardest to make sure every year all of these feelings are covered for them.  i’ve tried to take my favorite things from my childhood (& dan’s) and added them in our household.  it’s been fun, hard work, but fun!

tonight we are headed out to our community’s annual tree lighting ceremony.  it’s literally a hop, skip & a jump from our front door so we won’t need to worry about any traffic or trying to park!  yay for living in the town center!  we’re planning on meeting up with friends & classmates of benjamin’s.  it will be a very fun night!

the rest of our weekend will be spent relaxing and lounging.  dan has to work tomorrow.  first holiday sort of the season.  he will be working all 4 saturday’s up to christmas.  he works a lot over the next 4-5 weeks, we miss him a lot but we make up for the time not spent together on sunday’s.  we’re loading up our calendar with fun adventures – days down in the city, visiting santa, birthday celebrations (dan’s!), and spending time with friends & family.

smile!!  it’s friday!!!

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