smile friday // 2011 christmas card

16 Dec

last year, i mentioned that our christmas card just kind of happened – i didn’t set anything up, didn’t dress the kids up in fancy or matching outfits, didn’t head to the local mall and wait an hour in line to see santa – i just heard them playing under the tree & took the opportunity to snap a few pictures.  with a little luck, i got a good picture & quickly put together a card to send to friends & family.

i went into this year with the same mentality.  if i was able to get a good picture of ben & em together?  lucky me!  if not?  no loss.  personally, i like to get a picture of them, for the card, in, near, by, around our tree.  for me it just adds to the overall feel of the card.

we put our tree up the weekend after thanksgiving.  and since the tree is only up for a few short weeks, benjamin & emilia make the most of it.  ben loves sitting in front of the tree doing whatever he wants – reading, projects, coloring, nothing.  emilia loves being wherever ben is whether he likes it or not.

just like last year, i was able to snap a few pictures of ben & emilia by our tree.  initially i wasn’t super thrilled with the shots taken.  i was so hoping i got a magically perfect shot of the kids.  i walked away from my shots for a few days to a week and came back with an open mind.

turns out?  walking away was the best thing i ever did.  i found the perfect picture for our holiday card.

with this picture & a shutterfly template, we sent out our card earlier this week. i am undeniably happy with this picture & the card that was sent.


one week, more or less, until christmas!  are you ready?  i’m not!  i still have quite a few gifts to purchase and make!  and then wrap!  the gifts i do have?  i should be wrapping & putting under the tree.  but i’m not.  i have two little sneaks who i don’t necessarily trust to not try and open them early!  but! dan put it perfectly…they’re kids, they should snoop!  he did!  i didn’t!  i was too scared i would get caught by my mom and then get in trouble or worse – all the gifts would be taken back!

however, before we can celebrate christmas, we have another celebration!  dan’s birthday!  tomorrow is his birthday!  32!  aside from a trip to the dentist for the kids and a family dinner we are keeping it low key.  ben, em and i are making him some peanut butter brownies.  his favorite.  and, of course, showering him with birthday cheer!  and maybe a little gift or two.  :)

what are your plans for the weekend?  last minute gift shopping?  parties?  wrapping all the presents??

have a great weekend!  smile!! it’s friday!!!

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