smile friday // christmas procrastination & cheer

23 Dec

christmas eve eve.  i am so not ready for christmas eve & christmas day.  it is so unlike me.  normally, i have presents wrapped & just have a few odds & ends to take care that need to be done.  this year?  i need to still pick up a few gifts (thankfully they’re only gift cards but i am still going to have to wait in line(s), wrap presents & clean the house in preparation for christmas day here.

i am not bah-hum-bug about the day although i do wish we had some snow.  it just doesn’t feel like christmas without snow.  i need the snow.

i’ve loved these last few weeks.  i have loved seeing benjamin & emilia’s excitement grow.  i have enjoyed getting christmas card (all picture cards!) in the mail each day.  as an aside: i wish people sent picture cards in a much higher frequency, not just during the holidays.  technically, i guess that is what facebook, twitter & blogs are for but i love getting real {snail} mail everyday!

ben & emilia are just about jumping out of their skin with excitement.  i can’t blame them.  we’ve made our lists, got a letter in the mail from santa, had our elf on the shelf (his name is buddy), went with friends to see the zoo lights, rode & watched the polar express with ben’s school, attended ben’s classroom holiday party completely with games, crafts & snacks, baked cookies, decorated the house & worked on some pinterest inspired crafts.

today, amid all that i need to get done i have a few fun activities planned for the kids.  we are going to have holiday hoopla.  we’re going to make some homemade hot chocolate, bake a few more cookies (special ones for santa), and possibly go visit some more zoo lights at local children’s zoo.  to add a little more icing on the cake, we have some friends stopping by later this evening for a little holiday visit.

deep down i am panicking {a little} as to when i will wrap the gifts.  but, in all honesty, i know it will get done and if it means i stay up until 2:00 am wrapping so be it.  a little extra cup of coffee in the morning will equal it all out.

seeing the excitement & joy written all over their faces it what will make it all worth it.

i hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!  i hope someone, somewhere has a white christmas {because we certainly are not}.

smile!  it’s friday!!

merry christmas!

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