dress you up

5 Jan

dressing up.  it’s the ultimate childhood pastime.  doesn’t matter boy or girl, playing dress up is fun.

put on a costume and all of the sudden the house becomes a huge castle, a pirate ship, a restaurant, or {in our case sometimes} disney world.  a large expanse where the imagination runs wild.

for months now, emilia has been collecting odds and ends of mine – heels, handbags, scarves in addition to items she already had – princess costumes, pirate costumes, cowboy hats, etc.  my personal favorite is when she wears my heels…it makes me giddy.  it’s adorable.

picture also seen here

occasionally, benjamin joins in on the dress up fun.  like any boy, he steers clear of anything & everything girly; however, he will rummage through our closet & come out with workboots of dan’s or a rogue belt.

whenever & whatever they’re dressed up in/as, their imaginations run wild.

while spending new year’s eve at a friend’s house all the kids dressed up.  naturally, the girls were princesses – ariel & tinkerbell, an honorary princess.  the boys played it cool as peter pan, captain hook & woody.

with each costume change came the parade of who was who.

i have fond memories of playing dress up.  now as an adult, my chances to dress up, though not in princess or pirate costumes, are few & far between but i still like to get dolled up.  even just a simple dinner out with dan.

my hope is that benjmain & emilia play dress up for many, many more years.  it’s such a fun way to play as any idea, thought or dream is possible.  my hope is that they look back at these pictures, in addition to the others, and they have such wonderful memories & let their minds go back to that place.

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