25 Jan

it is safe to say emilia is in the middle of a major growth spurt.  just after her 3rd birthday she went through a growing growth spurt.  she woke up one morning & none of her clothes fit.  it literally happened overnight!

a sure sign my girl is going through a growth spurt?  her appetite.  normally, she is a bird when it comes to food.  and the food she does it is very plain & simple {waffle no butter or syrup, vanilla yogurt, plain noodles}.  these last two weeks?  her appetite is completely ravenous.

i think today we were at the peak of her growth spurt.  sister ate her weight & more today.

here is the run down:

breakfast {8:00 am}: two blueberry waffles, one 6 oz. container vanilla yogurt, & watered down gatorade g2 fruit punch

9:00 am – another 6 oz. container vanilla yogurt, a few handfuls of trader joe’s dark chocolate covered power berries

10:30 am – half of a banana

12:30 pm – handful of shredded cheese, one whole banana, small handful of cheetos, one & a half target deli chicken tenders, watered down gatorade g2 fruit punch

2:00 pm – {snack with dan} – trail mix though to clarify she only wanted the m&m’s & water

6:00 pm – banana, bowl of vanilla yogurt, 1 target deli chicken tender, apple & water {due to gymnastics & that i haven’t gone grocery shopping because we’re headed out of town it was a whatever i can throw together dinner}

i’m probably leaving things out.  but for emilia this is a whole lot of eating.  most days she is good with her breakfast of yogurt & a waffle, maybe some eggs.  she doesn’t each much lunch.  typically has a small snack while we are waiting to pick up ben from school and then a small t0 medium dinner.  she’s as picky as they come and likes everything plain & simple.

i am expecting to find her 6 inches taller by tomorrow morning.

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