dance class

26 Jan

3 weeks ago, emilia started taking dance classes.  it is possibly one of the best things we’ve signed her up for to date.  i waivered between dance or gymnastics.  we gave her the choice.  she chose dance.

growing up, i did both dance & gymnastics.  i think both are something every little girl should do.  they’re just part of being a young girl.

emilia looks forward to every single thursday morning.  her instructor is nothing short of wonderful.  she is able to lead a class of seven 3 & 4 year old’s for an hour and keep their attention.

emilia practices all her new moves all week long.  i love watching her.  we were at my in-laws house a few weeks back and emilia decided she wanted to do a performance for our family.  she had only taken one class but i loved watching every single second.

in two weeks, emilia’s class does a little performance, during class time, for all parents & family to attend.  i cannot wait.  the following week the next session starts.  emilia is already signed up.

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