tiny dancer

9 Feb

{taking a disney break}

i wrote before that we signed emilia up for dance class.

she has loved every single second of these classes.  i have loved watching her these last 5 weeks.  she has learned & comprehended so much.  she practices her new moves at home.  and even has no problem breaking them out wherever we may be.

today was the last session of the 5 weeks.  parents & family were allowed to sit in on the last class.  we were the personal paparazzi for our girls.

i can’t even being to explain the cute in the room.  the girls listened very intently to their teacher & knew the moves/techniques as she called them out.  keep in mind this class is full of 3 & 4 year old girls but they’re good.

sister has master first position.

i watched emilia & her little friends for an hour.  she was so proud to have me there watching.  i was so proud.

the next session starts next thursday.  emilia is excited to continue on and dan & i are happy to encourage her.

as a child, i took dance classes.  i took classes for many years.  according to my mom, though i don’t remember, i quit because during our final recital the group i was dancing in was laughed at.  laughed at because of the cute {i assume} not for being ridiculous.

my hope is that this never happens to emilia.  and even if is there is a chuckle in the crowd she shrugs it off & continues on because sister has moves!

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