when a girl meets her girl

12 Feb

emilia loves the movie tangled.  from the moment she saw it last march, she was hooked.  emilia dressed up as tangled for halloween.  even before halloween happened, we got our money worth from the dress.  during the {warm} fall months, it was not uncommon to see emilia in her rapunzel dress when picking up ben after school or really anywhere.

it should come as no surprise that the one princess emilia wanted to meet on our disney trip was rapunzel.

as we were told, rapunzel is the current most popular princess at disney world & can only be found at the magic kingdom.  she commands quite the crowd.  the wait time to see/meet her, for those willing to wait, can be 2-3 hours.  wouldn’t it be funny if i were kidding?  i’m not.

in order to avoid a long wait time as well as per the urging of cast members, we made sure to accurately plan our visit to see her.  we planned our visit to her for thursday morning.   the park opened at 9:00 am & we made sure to be there as close to 9:00 as possible.  as we started our walk down main street, ben decided he did not want to see rapunzel.  he went off with my mom to see pluto & then hit up a few rides.

dan, emilia & i got into line at 9:20 am.  we figured we’d be apart of the first group.  {side note: approximately 90 people at a time are taken into the rapunzel area.  in between groups, she gets a short break.  i would imagine it is to take the hair off}.  we waited over an hour and that was considered to be a short wait time!  we were in the 10:35 am group.

emilia patiently waited the entire time.  i’ll give her props were it’s due.  she had a goal and willingly & patiently waited.  the only complaints came at the very end.  our last ten minutes in line was when ben & my mom found their way back over to us.  you would have thought it was the longest 10 minutes of his life.  he would have loved the hour we waited.

emilia may have been in shock when we finally got to see rapunzel.  she was so happy.  they matched in their beautiful dresses.  we had one of the dolls with us and, of course, an autograph book.  ben was also very happy to meet her.  must be something about a beautiful princess…

emilia would have stayed with rapunzel all day.  her day was complete.  dan & i were thrilled because our favorite princess got to see her favorite princess.  seeing her excitement was the bees knees.

disney advice: if your princess loves rapunzel, get there early.  bring snacks.  have one parent stay in line while the other walks around with the kids.  and chat up your {waiting} neighbors.  

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