growing up – i can’t ignore it or stop it from happening

27 Feb

thursday night all comfy & cozy in her crib (& all her dolls)

this weekend, emilia moved from a crib to a big girl bed.  and by big girl bed, i mean we took the front side of her crib off so it looks like a day bed.

i knew this day was rapidly approaching.  i’ve been putting it off for as long as humanly possible.

she’s been climbing out of her crib since september or october.  i can’t even remember it’s been happening so long.  definitely before she turned 3.

we’re in the throws of potty training and aside from being night trained, sister is golden.

if she can tell me at night or in the morning that she has to go potty and climb out of bed herself then it’s time to make the switch.  no matter how hard i don’t want to believe it.

we’ve been talking about it, with her, for awhile so when dan decided to do it yesterday morning emilia was giddy with excitement.  i may not have been as excited as her but i didn’t let her know it.  afterall, having a big girl bed just like her brother is a huge deal – she’s in the big time now!

emilia helped me remove all her dolls and blankets and other toys that have found their way in and once the side was off she giggled in delight & brought all her dolls back in one by one.

this picture, above, is about half of what made it into emilia’s bed.  it’s a surprise there is any room for her!

looking skeptical for nap

naptime rolled around & since i didn’t know how she’d take to her new bed, i laid on the floor next to her.  this proved to be silly as all emilia wanted to do what talk to me & have us play with her dolls.  after a few minutes, we did a quick run down of naptime rules (no getting out of bed), gave her a kiss, walked out & closed the door behind me.  i didn’t hear a peep for the next 2 hours.

my only other hurdle was going to be bedtime.  ben & emilia share a room.  ben & emilia are chatty at night.  i foresee a lot of late night slumber parties & chats and bed hopping.  a sibling thing, i suppose.  after a quick run down of rules & no getting out of bed {this will all subside in the next few days, we just need to make sure she knows} the lights were out & the day was over.

i went to check on emilia i went to bed & this is what i found.  she was as comfy as could be with her little feet hanging off.  being the mom that i am, i couldn’t let her stay that way.  i straightened her out & put her covers & towels {your kid doesn’t sleep with beach towels as blankets?!?!  oh.}.  i may have also moved a doll or two to make sure my girl had room for herself!  i can guarantee there will be influx emilia sleeping pictures because i think it’s just so damn funny to see her feet hanging over.

i’d be lying if i said i didn’t have thoughts of a rough night ahead.  i was wrong.  i did not hear a peep out of emilia until 6:30 this morning {way earlier than normal}.  we made it through the night without any issue.  naptime and bedtime today were with out issue as well.

i am pretty sure we are going to have a lot more early mornings now that sister has her big girl bed.  she’s an early riser & as but now that she has complete freedom we are in for a whole new ballgame.  i’m not a morning person so a few things are going to need to happen – i am going to need to start going to bed earlier {hahahahahahaha}, my coffee consumption will likely increase and/or i’m going to have to become a morning person {ugh}.

for now i’m just going to watch & listen to emilia’s excitement about her new bed & i am going to internally mourn as my baby grows up.  seriously how did 3 1/2 years fly by so quickly?!?  and we won’t even go into ben inching closer & closer to 6 everyday.

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