monday brain dump

5 Mar

my mind is swirling with so many thoughts.  below is a brain dump of some of what is going through my head.  

photo taken this morning via instagram

ben has been out of school since tuesday.  he’s been sick.  this morning he went back.  being 5 & sick don’t go hand-in-hand.  having to rest is, essentially, the end of the world.  much of the last 5-6 days have been spent lounging around the house, napping & getting better.

emilia has gotten use to being the only child during the day.  she gets all the attention.  having ben home cramped her style.  she wasn’t too fond of sharing me.  she has not left my side much today.  she’s apparently making up for the lost time.

due to a family obligation, dan & i had to spent saturday down on the southside.  the kids stayed back and went to my in-laws.  while there they decided to take a whirlpool bath.  needless to say, bath-time in our house will never be the same.  ben & emilia couldn’t get their excitement out fast enough…i’m not sure which was more exciting the jets & the bubbles or the seats in the tub.  my in-laws have been forewarned that the kids will likely want to bathe at their house every single time they come over – even if it’s just for a family party or dinner.

i have not had a solid week’s worth of workouts since we returned from our disney vacation back at the beginning of february.  between sick kids, activities and appointments i’ve been lucky to make it into the gym twice a week.  this week, aside from emilia’s thursday dance class, we will be there every morning.  it felt good to be back this morning.

keeping with being at the gym – i started doing interval training on the treadmill.  i can run a solid pace no problem but interval training?  it’s tough, invigorating & challenging.  i am loving it.  i’ve been following this interval table from brittany over at itty bits of balance.  {it’s been all over pinterest as well}.  when she says it’s a challenging treadmill interval workout she is not kidding.  i thought it would be a piece of cake since i run 3-4 times a week.  i was wrong.  after the third workout i found my groove.  i cannot recommend it enough.

i also started using the app loseit.  again.  i have a few pesky pounds i’d like to lose and if i don’t count my calories and my activities i won’t get anywhere.

we’ve had a very mild winter.  later this week, we are forecasted for mid-50’s and next week it’s predicted we will hit the 60’s.  let me preface this by saying, i am a winter lover but this winter hasn’t been anything exciting (read: little snow) and now it’s time to move on.  we need to get outside.

if you made it this far…thanks for reading!  these are just some of thoughts.  i have so much i want to say, do and get out…i’m sure it will continue over the next few days!

happy monday!

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