some instagram pics

9 Mar

i love having an iphone.  before my iphone i had an evo which i also loved but not as much as my iphone.  obviously both phones have cameras but i hardly used the camera on my evo.  and i really didn’t use it because i didn’t like the end result of the pictures.  now?  i use my camera on my iphone all. the. time.  and with the iphone and then the millions of apps available to edit/enhance my photos it’s been crazy fun.

because i take so many more pictures on my phone, i spend time at night, after the kid’s have gone to bed, going through the day’s pictures.  it’s becoming a nightly ritual.  obviously most of the pictures are of the kids.  moreso emilia because ben is away at school at all day.  

having these pictures at my fingertips is great.  many of them have become my favorites {see above}.  i love that because of apps like instagram there are other apps/companies that print the instagram prints.  i have started keeping a separate folder of my favorites & when i have a good amount i am going to get them printed & display them around the house.

and we are due for an update of pictures around the house.  my problem is that i don’t want to take the old pictures down or put them away because those are still favorites!  what’s a girl to do?

what do you do with your camera phone pics?  do you ever go back & look through them?  do you print them?  share on the twitter/facebook/instagram?

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