the faces of 3

11 Mar

3 year olds are entertaining.  no two days are the same.  most days emilia’s a pleasure and some days that attitude is cranked.  i thank my lucky stars that when she is crabby she steers clear of me and sets her focus one someone else {likely dan or ben}.

emilia keeps me on my toes.  she’s about as girly as they come but definitely not dainty.  she’s loud, silly, imaginative, chatty, curious but she also treads lightly in new surroundings and is shy with strangers and is temperamental.  she loves to sing, dance, play with her dolls & color and loves playing outside.

but one of my favorites?  getting her to take pictures.  most times i can get one or two good smiles but the rest are just flat out silly.  they’re a bright spot in my day.  as you can see from the above shots we had a fun time the other day taking pictures.  these are just 4 of almost 20.  she just kept asking for more and i gladly obliged.

emilia recently figured out how to switch the lens around on the camera so she has started taking self portraits {these are for another day!}.

there are days where i gripe about my mundane days but honestly if you go back and look at my photo stream clearly my days are anything but ordinary.  they’re extraordinary.  also i can’t keep these gems to myself.  i am thinking i am going to start linking up with weekly parties like amy’s & courtney’s

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