a great weekend

12 Mar

this weekend was grand.  it was everything i wanted and more.  it was a mix of busy & fun meets lazy & relaxed.  with dan working an off schedule our time together on the weekend is my top priority & i want them to be filled with a good mix of fun & nothing.

{sorry for the horrible-nes of these – they were taken in a dark theater}

friday we saw the lorax {it was so good!}.  it was the first time at the movie theater for both ben & emilia.  i was so worried.  i was worried they would talk, need {and i’m not exaggerating} six thousand bathroom breaks, get bored and want to go home.  none of it happened.  not even one potty break.  we did the whole shebag – pop & popcorn.  ben and emilia were in heaven.  they enjoyed the movie and so did i!  go see it!  the rest of the day was spent at a play place, bopping in and out of stores and then we headed out to dinner.

we spent saturday in our jammies relaxing, playing the wii and picking up the house and then some friends came over in the evening.  we ate, chatted, enjoyed some margaritas and the kids played.

sunday was spent with some more lounging & enjoying the beautiful {almost} 70 degree weather.  we ran a few errands, dan washed the cars & the kids played outside.  they were in heaven!  after a winter of being inside being outside running around and riding bikes was euphoric for them.  after dinner, emilia came & sat on my lap and she smelled like outside.  it was wonderful.

i am looking forward to the week ahead.  we’re forecasted for more spring like temps with a few rain showers here & there.  i am ready to open a window or two and let the fresh air in.  i’m ready for some good ole’ grilling out.  i am looking forward to walks around the neighborhood, riding bikes, playing, sidewalk chalk and kids going to bed with smiles on their faces from spending the afternoon outside.

if our week ends up being half as good as our weekend, we will be great shape!

happy monday!!

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